Why Hydrofarm’s Jump Start Thermostat Is So Essential…Leopard gecko diet

Jump Start is the top-choice thermostat because it has uncompromised precision, highly rated customer reviews and an official safety certification.

It’s no secret that maintaining optimal warmth for your reptile is crucial to its growth. Jump Start Thermostat can handle that aspect safely for you!

Unregulated heat mats overheat, posing serious fire hazards and health risks such as:

  • Intestinal parasites/infection
  • Anorexia
  • Burns
  • Diarrhea
  • Regurgitation ( throwing up food )
  • Excessive hiding/stress ( especially in the cool side )

Coming from a caring Leopard Gecko owner,  if you don’t plan on buying a thermostat you may want to look into getting another type of animal…

However, by providing a regulated temperature you can be confident that your pet will be safe and able to thrive happily!

 And Because The Jump Start Heat Mat Thermostat Is So Convenient, There Is Absolutely…

  • NO worrying about fire hazards from a malfunctioned heat mat
  • NO need to constantly plug and unplug your heat mat to “adjust” the temp
  • NO worrying if your reptile will ever get burned due to a heat mat overheating
  • NO worrying if your reptile will develop painful digestive health issues

 Your Reptile Will Notice And Appreciate The Difference!

Does your herp always hide away?Leopard gecko habitat

Now it’ll venture out more because it can always come back to its sweet spot!

Not going to be home for an extended period of time?

Jump Start will ensure your pet is cozy while you’re away!

Ever worry about electrical hazards from your unregulated heat mat?

Not anymore! Rest easy knowing your home and pet are protected.

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It’s The ONLY ETL Safety Certified Thermostat On The Market

ETL (Intertek) is a trusted inspection laboratory that specializes in product safety testing.

ETL certification is proof that this product is held to a high set of safety standards when made.

Why settle for non-safety certified products that can malfunction due to being cheaply made?

You want a thermostat that gives quality temperature regulation WITHOUT the sketchy compromises.

Features Include:Reptile care

  • Water-resistant temperature probe ( with suction cup option )
  • Easy to set and read digital temperature control
  • Can be programmed between 68-108°F
  • If the temperature probe reaches above 108°F the safety shut off is activated.
  • Grounded 3-prong receptacle and power plug

Setting Up The Heat Mat Temperature Is Hassle-Free!

  1. Plug the 3-prong cord into a wall outlet
  2. Hold down on the “Set” button until it flashes
  3. Press the “Up” and “Down” button to desired temp
  4. Press and hold “Set” button for 2 seconds to confirm the desired temperature
  5. Place probe in desired location so that it can read and adjust warmth

To change to °C, hold “Down” button for 3 seconds. To change to  °F, hold “Up” for 3 seconds.

… And Voila! That’s all there really is to it.

Final Verdict: Is The Jump Start Thermostat Worth It?

Answer: Yes!

Final Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Stars 

Bottom Line: This thermostat will protect your pet AND home efficiently. The customer reviews speak for itself!Reptile heat mat

Jump Start Thermostat F.A.Q

Q: Where can I buy the Jump Start Thermostat?

A: It’s rare to find in stores, but you can have it delivered to you through this link or any other links on this page.

Q: Will this work with Zoo Med Heat Mats?

A: Yes, I have one myself and it works perfectly. There are testimonials of people using all types of heat mats.

Q: How many Watts can this handle?

A: 1000 Watts, input 120 volts & Output 120 volts.

Again, This Is Key To Your Reptiles Overall Health

Don’t Wait For Signs Of Sickness And Stress To Show

Good luck, and here’s to you and your pets well-being and happiness!

-Tyler Durden